A revival of a 2015 version of Eggday. Enjoy a nostalgic look back at the project that begun it all. Try to earn every achievement, unlock themes, discover some cool secrets and easter eggs, and let's play with Eggday!
Decorate your room to your hearts content with over 200 kinds of objects and furniture. Choose from one of the different kinds of room shapes and let your imagination go wild. Let your creativity run and make your dream room in Terabey!
Get ahold of your own real estate as you gain the freedom to build anything you can dream of! With over 250 objects to choose from you can decorate the place to your heart's desire. A cozy family home or a chique restaurant, build them all in Terabey!
With the help of many egg laying creatures, let your egg empire bloom to greatness! Besides building towards success you are able to hunt for achievements and break eggs for extra bonuses. Will you uncover strange mysteries along the way? Play with Eggday!